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About Us

Like so many great things in life, my love for spin started with a great friend pushing me to try something new. Having never taken a spin class before I didn’t completely dive in. To test the waters I purchased a $75 spin bike off of CraigsList, a Wahoo cadence sensor, heart rate monitor, and a subscription to the Peloton App.


The more classes I took, the more I got into the world of spin and the great community that supports it; I also started to look for additional accessories to get more functionality and data out of my rides. After a few years, I purchased a Peloton and the desire to create products to give Peloton App users a comparable experience at an affordable price only grew.


The products you see here are born from the love of spin, that community that is always eager to send a high-five of encouragement, and the sense of accomplishment one feels from investing in oneself.


Let’s Ride Together Peloton App Username JarJar10!

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Crafted in a Community of Creators

Jar’s Jam is based out of Groundswell Startups – a high-tech incubator and coworking space located in Melbourne, FL. At Groundswell, we take ideas very seriously; our mission is to help founders and tech-focused entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life through mentorship, access to funding opportunities, and in-house prototyping resources.

What started as a simple discussion about wanting a tray to hold my phone so I could synch on-demand rides with friends, quickly turned into a more in-depth dive into the world of spin accessories, entrepreneurship, and how we can use our ecosystem of highly-skilled professionals to bring this idea to life.


The parts you see on this site were created by AK3D – a company based out of Groundswell Startups that specializes in additive manufacturing. These accessories are printed at Groundswell Startups and the lessons we’ve learned from developing these products will be used to support other entrepreneurs who are looking to take their destiny into their own hands.

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