Through the world of spin, you can still make plans with your friends.

One of the things I have missed the most this year is making plans with my girlfriends. Due to COVID-19, Friday night get-togethers, trips to the nail salon, impromptu weekday coffee meetups are just not possible. I have missed coordinating among all of our busy schedules, figuring out where to meet, and the anticipation of seeing my girls for food, drinks, and much-needed laughter. As one of my best girlfriends always says when we are hugging goodbye, ‘I really needed that.’

Though our usual routine has been disrupted like so many other areas of our daily lives, we have found news ways of making plans and meeting up – through our spin classes! Whether it is meeting up on a Saturday for a live ride, or coordinating a time when we can all do an on-demand class together, it has given us a means to connect, interact, and see each other’s progress as we get stronger and faster. Some of us have Pelotons, some of us are digital app users, but we can all connect through the same platform, take the same class, and race each other to the top of the leaderboard.

At the of the class, we still have the same feeling, ‘we really needed that.’

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